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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Daycare for Working Parents


Daycare could be a great experience for both you and your child – but there are some potential disadvantages as well


When you first brought your baby home, you probably weren’t thinking very far into the future. At most, you were concerned about the next diaper change or perhaps how many times you’d have to get up that night for feedings, changes, etc. But, there will come a day – and it may be fast approaching – when you will have to consider getting back to your pre-baby routine, and this could mean returning to work. 

If your job is calling, you do have options for your child, and daycare could be the right move for everybody. Here we discuss both the benefits for you and your baby, along with some possible drawbacks to consider. 

What does daycare offer working parents?

While it may be a while before you can drop your child off at daycare without leaving teary-eyed and red-faced, you will quickly discover that daycare can be very beneficial, as it offers:

-Peace of mind

The main thing on your mind when being separated from your child is probably safety. This is one of the big advantages of daycare; you know that professionals will be supervising everything going on. If your baby were to get sick or hurt, they will be able to get help immediately. 

-A stimulating environment

Aside from being safe, your child will also be stimulated at daycare. With daily games, songs, and activities, they will get plenty of entertainment, as well as learning opportunities. The same can’t always be said with a nanny or babysitter. 


Another big benefit of daycare is that you should be able to find a facility that will accommodate you no matter what kind of hours you work. Many daycare centers are open very early and often don’t close until late at night. 


Sure, your baby will probably make friends at daycare, but they may not be the only ones. You’re sure to encounter many parents who are in the same situation as you, and this gives you a great chance to meet people and expand your social network – even if your interactions end up being of the online social network variety.  

What does daycare offer children?

Now that you know what daycare can offer you, it’s time to focus on your child. There are many advantages it can provide, such as:


A regular routine is very important for children, and this should start as early as possible. In addition to the set times for going to and from the facility, every day will be set up in a structured manner, including playing, napping, and eating. A schedule they can count on is essential for safety and stability.  

-Physical and social development

At a daycare, there’s a good chance that your baby will interact with a variety of different people. There will probably also be games and activities that help them develop their motor skills. In addition, they will learn important social skills like taking turns and sharing.

-Kindergarten prep

One reason many parents opt for daycare is because it helps their children get ready for kindergarten. Being plopped down into a classroom without any warning can be difficult, but the daily structure and schedules of daycare can help make it a lot easier. Plus, the friends your child makes there could end up being some of their future classmates, which can also help make the transition smoother. 

-Increased independence

The idea of your child becoming independent may make you feel sad or anxious, but this is something that’s essential for their growth. Daycare gives them a chance to test out their autonomy a little, and it also lets them get a feel for what it’s like without mom or dad around for a while. This can be a huge help when it comes to separation anxiety, and it’s another way they’ll get prepared for longer school days in the future.

The potential downsides of daycare

While there are definitely many benefits of daycare, it’s time to talk about the things that aren’t so good. These include:


In the shelter of your home bubble, your child may not be exposed to too many germs. That will change extremely fast once they go to daycare. While some kids struggle to share, they definitely have no problem sharing illnesses. The bright side is that this will help them build up their immunity systems faster.

-Sick days

Once your child gets sick, this could upend your entire schedule, as they’ll need to stay home. They may also not be able to go back until a certain amount of time has transpired or all symptoms are gone. The result could be you needing to stay home as well, or perhaps scrambling to find other childcare options.


Perhaps the biggest negative of daycare is that it can be very expensive. This is why it’s important to learn about the choices in your area and compare prices. You should also weigh the above benefits with the money you’ll spend to figure out whether or not it’s worth it. 

Get the best of both worlds

To realize the advantages of daycare while mitigating the disadvantages, there could be a viable solution: working from home part-time. If you’re able to do this, you could send your little one to daycare on the days you need to go into the office. They’ll still have fun and learn new things (while perhaps limiting their exposure to germs), while you get to save money. 

How to make sure your child stays safe at home 

If you do intend to work from home – or perhaps you’ll have to do some work after hours – you need to make sure that your child has a safe and fun space that will also prevent them from being too much of a distraction. You’ll want to check out our playpens, as they come in two different sizes, can be assembled very fast, and are designed to be easily portable. 

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