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Safer Sleep Bassinet

Safer Sleep Bassinet

This bassinet is a perfect sleep companion designed for your little one's comfort and security. It includes a cozy, premium mattress and is specially designed to enable safe co-sleeping, allowing you to be close to your baby without the stress of getting out of bed during the night.

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Waterproof Mattress Pad (for Safer Sleep Bassinet)

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Safe and certified

All of our baby care solutions have undergone extensive factory testing and passed U.S. safety standards, including rigorous CPSC and ASTM standards for quality, safety, performance, and functionality.


Our baby care solutions are portable and travel-ready. The fast-folding design of our Bedtime Bliss Bassinet makes packing for travel a breeze.

Easy assembly

We offer tool-free assembly on all models.


Our baby solutions are high-quality and sturdy, able to stand up to consistent use, play, and wear and tear.

Easy to clean

Our baby equipment solutions are easy to care for and keep clean with simple wipe-downs and machine washes.


Give yourself peace of mind at night with our Safer Sleep Bassinet. This safe bassinet bed supports parents and babies through the night by letting you keep the bassinet bedside without the risks of co-sleeping.

This bassinet straps to your adult bed’s mattress, ensuring no movement or gaps during use to keep your child safe. The detachable side panel lets you access your child without leaving the bed, so you can manage nighttime feedings and diaper changes without interrupting your rest. A pair of side pockets provide convenient access to baby care essentials such as diapers and wipes.

Like all Li’l Pengyu products, this bassinet is tested to meet the highest U.S. safety requirements, including CPSC and ASTM certification for quality, safety, performance, and functionality.

We also have premium, waterproof mattress pads with a velvety finish that are form-fitted to the bassinet's firm, breathable cotton mattress, offering a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep and nap. For added safety, please only use Li’l Pengyu mattress pads that are designed for use with this bassinet.

*Mattress pads sold separately

This bassinet is suitable for babies up to 20 pounds or 5 months old. If your baby shows signs of pushing up before they reach 20 pounds or 5 months, discontinue the use of the bassinet for safety.


● Measures 37” by 22.44” by 32.48” (LxWxH) and lowers to 25.20” in height for compatibility with different adult beds
● Weighs 23.9 pounds for lightweight carrying and moving
● Supports adult beds 16.5” to 24” high, including the mattress
● Adjustable height provides a slight incline for babies who have acid reflux
● The included cotton mattress provides a comfortable yet firm sleeping space for your baby
● Detachable and washable fabric cover for simple removal and cleaning makes the bassinet a hygienic sleep space
● Pockets on both sides to hold baby essentials for middle-of-the-night or naptime baby care
● Outside zipper makes it easy to detach the side panel for nursing or access to your baby while preventing him or her from getting scratched
● Stable design includes a bedside attachment strap for added safety
● Lockable, omnidirectional wheels let you easily bring your baby from room to room
● The tool-free assembly process typically takes 5-15 minutes
● Travel bag lets you fold and carry the bassinet anywhere for bassinet travel, storage, or moving around the house
● Form-fitted, premium microfiber mattress pads fit the mattress securely for safer sleep. Waterproof and machine-washable. * Sold separately

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This bassinet weighs in at just 21.2 pounds for easy carrying, travel, and moving around the house. Its steel alloy frame is lightweight and durable.
The premium cotton mattress and microfiber mattress pads* are both breathable for safer sleep. The soft mesh sides of the bassinet ensure good airflow. | *mattress pads sold separately
The assembly process is simple! No tools are required, and all parts click into place easily. Your bassinet will be ready for use after this quick setup.
Place the bassinet in the included carrying bag for storage and portability. This bassinet is easy to take to a relative’s house or travel with thanks to its portable design.
A quick height adjustment puts the bassinet at a slight incline for babies with reflux, while lockable wheels ensure you can use the product anywhere.
This bassinet is independently tested and certified by the CPSC and ASTM and meets high standards for quality, safety, performance, and functionality.

Safer Sleep Bassinet

Bedtime Bliss Bassinet

Soft mattress
Inclined design for anti-reflux
Storage pockets or basket
Carrying bag
Converts into a rocking crib
Collapsible design with fast assembly
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See what happy customers have to say about our bassinet:

Setting up the bassinet was super easy. I didn’t need any tools. I can adjust the height of the bassinet to my bed, or put one end higher than the other if my baby’s having reflux. The materials feel very sturdy and safe, but at the same time, the bassinet mattress is really comfortable for a baby. My baby seems to love it and I’m so happy.


This bassinet has everything we need for a safe sleep space – I love that I can sleep close to my baby without worrying about co-sleeping risks! It took me less than 10 minutes to install thanks to the clear instructions., and I can put it into the carrying bag when we visit family. The cotton mattress feels soft and comfortable. I can see my baby through the side mesh, which makes it feel even safer!


This is my third baby in the past four years so I know exactly what I’m looking for in a bassinet. This bedside bassinet is amazing and it makes my life so much easier!! The fact that I have such easy access to her (right next to my bed) to breastfeed at night helps so much! Trust a mom who knows, I highly recommend this!!


My baby and I are finally getting quality sleep with this bassinet, and I don’t spend as much time getting to him when he needs me. The side wall unzips so I can nurse without disturbing him. The safety features give me peace of mind, like the breathable mesh sides, the locking wheels, and the safety belt that holds it onto my mattress.


I was originally going to have my newborn sleep in a pack n’ play but after the first night getting up every 2 seconds to check on him, I knew it wasn’t going to work. I went ahead and got it and it’s been a LIFE SAVER! My baby and I are now getting much better sleep since I don’t have to get in and out of bed when he needs me. If I had to do it all over again, I’d skip the pack n’ play and go straight to this!


This bassinet is super easy to assemble. The adjustable height options are awesome and the color fits any room. Our baby loves it and sleeps so well in it. The washable fitted sheets make cleaning up messes a breeze, too!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews

Perfect bassinet.. very easy to assemble.

So handy

So handy to have this. You can have it right up to your bed. Sturdy, easy to put together. Very durable. Baby had no issues sleeping in it

Perfect for traveling!

I love how compact and portable this basinet is, putting it together was very easy and folding it for traveling is also as easy. the depth of is is nice and the removable top is great for when I want to play on the ground!

Jonathan Wilson

So I don't write reviews; I can never be bothered with them, but since someone decided to sell me such a fantastic bedside product(and because my newborn is sleeping in it so well for me to have the time to write one in the first place), you've asked for it:

1) The materials (including the breathable mattress) are 👌 and doesn't feel or look cheap but rather looks and feels expensive and safe.
2) The functionality beats the competitors by a long shot (folds compactly into it's own included carrying case), wheels around without being able to slide away frictionless (these people have thought of everything), and zips down easily for my wife's arm to comfortably contact and watch over our little angel. The shelf below is huge - we fit diapers, wipes, vasoline, even our 2 and 4 year old's diapers stay stored there in-case of an emergency.
3) our LO sleeps better in this than the crib.

I was concerned at first because A) there weren't many reviews that span more than a few months, B) is on the pricier side (although there are ones out there that are $50 more and aren't half of what this bassinet is), and C) unsure of its country of origin, but overall, I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Good job Pengyu

Easy assembly!!

This bassinet is defiantly one of the best ones I have ever seen! Putting it together was very easy and the fabric on it is very durable! I love how much space my baby has and its super easy to access my baby for night time feeding! Very study!

Like it

Its a nice baby sleep bassinet. First, the quality is better than I expected, the clothes are soft which is good for baby. Second, its easy to install it, takes about half hour to install it with manual instructions. Third, it just takes a little space to put it on which is awesome. Last, I like the side pockets, I can put the baby stuff on there which is great. Generally speaking, it meets my expectations and I would recommend it.

Quality materials.

The bassinet was very easy to assemble. Everything just snaps and zips together. There is a quality feel while you're assembling it. The wheels are a little small so moving around a carpet is a little more difficult. There are all the features you'd want in a bassinet. The elevation, tilt, the side opening and pockets makes it very versatile. The amazing thing is I was able to fit it all back into the travel bag without any problems. Bravo!


Product Information
General Inquiries

What safety credentials does the Li'l Pengyu bassinet have?

The Li'l Pengyu bassinet is independently tested and certified by both the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), meeting the highest standards for quality, safety, performance, and functionality.

Are Li'l Pengyu bassinets safe for babies?

Yes. All Li'l Pengyu bassinets are designed and tested to meet or exceed the highest safety requirements. Our bassinet products allow parents to safely sleep with their babies by their side. By keeping the baby in a separate and safe area, our bassinet prevents any risks associated with co-sleeping.

What is the weight limit for this bassinet?

The maximum weight limit for our bassinet is 20 lbs. Your baby can sleep in our bassinet for up to 5 months. However, if the baby shows early signs of pushing up the bed frame, please discontinue use.

How long can my baby sleep in a bassinet?

Typically a bassinet is suitable for babies 0-5 months old. However, if the baby shows early signs of pushing up the bed frame, please discontinue use.
Product Information

What are your bassinet's dimensions?

Our bassinet (basic model) is 37 x 22.44 x 32.48 inches (LxWxH) at the maximum height setting. It can also be lowered to 25.20 inches in height. The product is approximately 23.9 lbs in weight.

Can I use your bassinet with any kind of bed?

The Li'l Pengyu bassinet is designed to work with most adult beds. It supports beds 16.5-24 inches in height (including mattress). Please also make sure that there's no gap between the bassinet and the adult bed (for instance, avoid using the product with round-shaped adult bed frames).

Can the bassinet be used on carpet or rug?

Yes, the bassinet can be used on carpet or rug as long as all wheels are placed on the same surface to ensure stability and level surface.

How does the bedside attachment strap work?

The bedside attachment strap provides added stability and safety. To use the strap, lift the adult mattress, wrap the attachment strap around once, and buckle the strap under the bassinet. Adjust the strap so the bassinet is tight against the adult bed without leaning.

Does the bassinet come with a mattress?

Yes. The bassinet comes with a firm, breathable and water resistant cotton mattress with a soft lining.

Does the bassinet come with a sheet?

Our Li’l Pengyu Comfy Bassinet Sheets are available for separate purchases. These sheets are made of premium microfiber material, which is soft, breathable, and more water-absorbent than cotton. The custom design fits the Safer Sleep Bassinet mattress snugly for sleep safety.

How long does the assembly process take?

Most of our customers find that the assembly process takes only 5-10 minutes. Tools are not required for the assembly process. Our product manual offers a complete walkthrough of the assembly procedures.

What's the benefit of Li'l Pengyu's bassinet vs. a traditional bassinet?

Our top priorities are safety, comfort, and convenience. All Li'l Pengyu products have met and exceeded U.S. product standard tests to ensure the highest level of quality, safety, performance, and functionality. The soft cotton mattress, premium velvet sheets, and sturdy alloy materials will provide a good night's sleep for both you and your baby. Our product also comes with several convenient features, including: adjustable height to prevent acid reflux, lockable wheels so you can use the product anywhere at home, an easy assembly process, and portable carry bags.

How do I convert the bassinet to the bedside sleeper mode?

Simply unzip the side wall and attach the bassinet to the adult bed using the attachment strap. Our product manual offers a more detailed walkthrough of this process.

When should I move my baby from a bassinet to a crib?

You should move your baby from a bassinet to a crib at 5 months old, 20 lbs, or when the baby starts showing signs of rolling or pushing up.
General Inquiries

What is your shipping policy?

We offer free 2-5 day shipping on orders over $60. Orders placed before noon Eastern Time are processed on the same business day.

What is your return policy?

We offer a free 30-day trial on all of our products so that you can test our products in person without any risks! If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, we'll provide you with a prepaid shipping label to return your order. Returns must be in the original state and back in the packaging. Returning your purchase is simple. Just send an email to within 30 days of receiving your product. Please include your Order ID and describe why you've chosen to return the product in the email. Your description won't affect your returns at all, but it'll help us deliver better products and experiences. Please note that additional fees for expedited shipping are not subject to refund.

What if my product breaks or I need a replacement part?

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