Our Commitment to Safety

We care about making safe, high-quality baby care products.


Safety and quality are our highest priorities – we care about designing baby and toddler sleep and play solutions that meet the highest standards for safety and quality.  

At Li’l Pengyu, all of our baby equipment undergoes extensive testing, including independent factory testing and certification by the CPSC (the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). This ensures we meet the highest standards for quality, safety, performance, and function on the baby care market.

Our Safer Sleep Bassinet and Bedtime Bliss Bassinet keep your baby separate but close to you for safe sleep while preventing the risks of co-sleeping. This bassinet bed exceeds the highest safety requirements and is suitable for babies 0-5 months or up to 20 lbs. Simply discontinue use, however, if your baby shows signs of pushing up.

Our Stand 'N Play Playpen and Adventurers Playpen for babies and toddlers gives them a safe play space where you can easily check on them through its clear mesh sides. This baby playpen activity center also exceeds the highest safety requirements. Its sturdy steel alloy frame is padded with foam for added safety and is sturdy enough to house children 0-3 years old.*

* As pediatricians recommend, playpens are not intended to be used for unsupervised sleep. We recommend that parents follow the safety guidelines as written in the product manual.