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Honestly I thought the “waterproof mattress pads” were actually pads and they’re literally just thin blankets that are just the same size as the thin mattress itself. Kinda disappointed to be honest. It bunches up and doesn’t stay put if baby moves around at all which is the case for me. Dunno why they charge so much for a thin blanket and then try to advertise it as a pad. There’s no padding involved at all.

Directions for putting playpen together is NOT helpful. This tu e only reason I am rating it 2 stars. They need to label the instructions pole pieces with letters for the different lengths on their direction book and also label each bag as to what letter part those lengths are.

Otherwise the playpen is pretty cute. No cushion bottom or insert for this playpen so you would need to either have padding underneath or a maybe a very thick comforter to lay inside it. This shipped from China FYI so took longer to receive and explain the carelessness in putting together correct detailed instructions 😡

Bought for a toy breed Yorkie puppy

I bought this as a puppy play pen which is not the intended use but to this day it is holding strong! Thank you lil pengyu!
So if it works for this puppy itll work for your baby! :)

Large Playpen

My granddaughter loves it! So much room to play! Very happy with my purchase!

I loved the size of it. Didn't like that my one year old granddaughter figured out how to get out of it by unzipping the zippers on it


My grandson loves it and it’s really roomy for a small.

Perfect bassinet.. very easy to assemble.

So handy

So handy to have this. You can have it right up to your bed. Sturdy, easy to put together. Very durable. Baby had no issues sleeping in it

Perfect for traveling!

I love how compact and portable this basinet is, putting it together was very easy and folding it for traveling is also as easy. the depth of is is nice and the removable top is great for when I want to play on the ground!

Bedtime Bliss Bassinet
Jonathan Wilson

So I don't write reviews; I can never be bothered with them, but since someone decided to sell me such a fantastic bedside product(and because my newborn is sleeping in it so well for me to have the time to write one in the first place), you've asked for it:

1) The materials (including the breathable mattress) are 👌 and doesn't feel or look cheap but rather looks and feels expensive and safe.
2) The functionality beats the competitors by a long shot (folds compactly into it's own included carrying case), wheels around without being able to slide away frictionless (these people have thought of everything), and zips down easily for my wife's arm to comfortably contact and watch over our little angel. The shelf below is huge - we fit diapers, wipes, vasoline, even our 2 and 4 year old's diapers stay stored there in-case of an emergency.
3) our LO sleeps better in this than the crib.

I was concerned at first because A) there weren't many reviews that span more than a few months, B) is on the pricier side (although there are ones out there that are $50 more and aren't half of what this bassinet is), and C) unsure of its country of origin, but overall, I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Good job Pengyu

Baby playpen

This was such a cute playpen! Love the little penguin. Each to assemble and fairly sturdy. Keeps my little one in a safe place while he learns to crawl around.

Easy assembly!!

This bassinet is defiantly one of the best ones I have ever seen! Putting it together was very easy and the fabric on it is very durable! I love how much space my baby has and its super easy to access my baby for night time feeding! Very study!

Like it

Its a nice baby sleep bassinet. First, the quality is better than I expected, the clothes are soft which is good for baby. Second, its easy to install it, takes about half hour to install it with manual instructions. Third, it just takes a little space to put it on which is awesome. Last, I like the side pockets, I can put the baby stuff on there which is great. Generally speaking, it meets my expectations and I would recommend it.

Absolutely favorite thing Ive bought.

The hardest part about putting this together was its a tight fit but its sturdy. My son and daughter love playing in this together. I put a mat in the bottom so they have a softer floor.

Highly recommend

This play pen is the best. Its big enough to entertain my toddler inside (or outside!) while I get some chores done around the house. It has a zip door if you want open access and that is my favorite part. If you have the space, this is amazing but its not the easiest to take apart/put together if you were thinking that, it's definitely something you want to set up in the house and just leave there. But I love it and am happy leaving it!

Quality materials.

The bassinet was very easy to assemble. Everything just snaps and zips together. There is a quality feel while you're assembling it. The wheels are a little small so moving around a carpet is a little more difficult. There are all the features you'd want in a bassinet. The elevation, tilt, the side opening and pockets makes it very versatile. The amazing thing is I was able to fit it all back into the travel bag without any problems. Bravo!

Calling all twin moms!

This playpen is absolutely perfect for my twins. Its sturdy and large and fits great in my girls playroom. Its spacious enough for me to even get in and lay down while they play. Hubby set it up, didnt seem like he had any trouble and didnt take long either. It is not padded so I have foam alphabet tiles as well as a crawling mat for cushion even though its on carpet. I have finally have peace of mind if I need to step away for a few mins. Get this you wont regret it!

Get This

It's huge. We had to rearrange the living room and it's so worth it. Big and sturdy. Lots of crawling room.
Easier assembly with 2 people. Doable with 1.

Safer Sleep Bassinet
Stacey Laney
Wonderful bassinet!

Got this for my granddaughter, and it is an AMAZING bassinet! It IS larger than a normal bassinet, so standard bassinet sheets dont really fit (Im improvised with crib sheets), but the overall features of this bassinet completely surpass that minor issue. You can easily adjust the height of it, or even make one end higher than the other, which is great for my granddaughter as she was pretty colicky when we first switched her to formula. Its on wheels so easy to move from room to room, and even easy to take apart and put into the carrying bag if needed for travel. The biggest plus is that you can lower one side and put against your bed so not only is baby easier to access, but it makes her feel that much closer. Absolutely wonderful bed for baby!

Love it

I truly love this product ! My little can be in a safe spot with all of his toys . You can also purchase matts to go on the bottom which I would recommend just because the bottom is pretty much tent fabric but foam Matts work as well . I assembled it differently then the directions said just because it was much easier to do so my way . 10/10 recommend .

Play Pen

Big portable playpen, study and gift-able, I fo recommend


This bassinet has been so helpful for our baby. Its been so easy to move around and it levels to the height of our couch and bed so easily. It keeps my baby very safe from my toddler as well. My baby is able to take great naps anywhere.

A must have

If you are looking to have your baby by your side when you sleep without the need to have to get up when. they need you this is perfect crib for you. The zipper is definitely a life saver.

Wrong color & no penguin __

I ordered a blue penguin playpen and they sent us the product. Otherwise its simple and fine. Id try to return but my boy needs a place to play safely.