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Five Top Nursery Design Ideas and Considerations For 2023


There are thousands of nursery design ideas to choose from, but how do you know which is the right one? We’ll cover five of the top nursery trends of 2023, as well as tips for ensuring safety and picking the best color scheme. 



    You may think that looking at nursery design ideas is not an urgent priority. Sure, you probably have a long list of tasks to tackle, but, creating a safe, warm, and relaxing space for the newest member of your family is very important. 

    When looking at nursery trends in 2023, it’s important to envision a space that is aesthetically pleasing while also being practical for new parents and newborns. You should create a design that grows with your little one’s preferences and requirements. Let’s talk about how to pick a color scheme, safety requirements to consider for a nursery, and the top nursery trends of 2023. 

    Choosing a color scheme 

    Choosing a color scheme can be a lot of fun but there’s a little more thought that goes into it than you might think. Below are some things to consider: 

    -Think long-term

    Before settling on nursery design ideas, it’s important to think about the long term. Raising a newborn is all-encompassing enough as it is – the last thing you want is a redecoration on your to-do list. If you pick out a thoughtful design, your nursery should withstand the test of time as your baby grows up. That’s why it may be better to settle for neutral and soft color schemes instead of traditional, loud pinks and blues and lots of newborn-centric wall art.  

    -Test your colors

    If you’ve found a few colors you like, don’t be afraid to request some samples and paint some swatches onto the wall. This will help you make your choice and determine which paint works best with the lighting in the room. Testing allows you to gain a realistic preview of what the room will look like before you spend hours painting the nursery. 

    -Pick soothing tones

    Trying to stay calm in a neon green room with a screaming baby is probably more difficult than sitting in a room with a soothing color palette.  That’s why we recommend you pick soothing tones for your nursery color palette. This will help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Nursery colors to avoid include bright red, green, and orange. Instead, we recommend you settle for soothing tones such as soft yellow, gray, mint green, or pale purple. 

    -Consider your lighting 

    Last but not least, we recommend you consider the lighting of the room, as this plays a major part in the ambiance of your nursery. For example, certain hues or color palettes may look washed out or emboldened depending on the lighting. If you have plenty of natural light to play around with, we recommend you opt for cool, pale tones like lavender. 

    Safety tips to consider

    Without a doubt, safety is the most important thing to consider when designing a nursery. To help you create a sanctuary that will keep your baby out of harm’s way, here are some tips you should consider. 

    • Research the furniture you will be using to ensure it meets quality and safety standards. 
    • If you purchase second-hand pieces, you should check for recalls at www.recalls.gov
    • Keep cribs and other furniture away from windows. 
    • Keep blinds and draperies out of your child’s reach. 
    • If possible, opt for cordless window treatments. 
    • Cover all electrical outlets with baby-proof safety covers. 
    • Securely attach a mobile and keep it away from your baby’s grasp. 
    • Avoid placing the crib in direct sunlight or near street lights to encourage a great night’s sleep
    • Anchor any heavy furniture to the wall so there is no risk of items falling. 
    • Keep pillows, toys, and blankets out of the crib during sleep time. 
    • Finish any painting and/or wallpapering at least eight weeks before your baby’s arrival. 

    Nursery trends 2023

    Nursery trends 2022 have come and gone. It's now time to focus on the future and create spaces that can progress with the qualities and requirements of your child. Here are five nursery trends of 2023 to watch out for.  


    Looking for a playful, elegant, and gender-neutral theme? Look no further than a coastal style. It can bring an air of tranquility and relaxation – just like the coast itself. Once your newborn experiences their first day at the beach, you can collect some seashells and fill a decorative jar up with sand to remember the day for years to come. 

    What to include: 

    • Linen fabrics 
    • Woven textures 
    • Blue, green, beige and white tones 

    -Boho chic

    One of the most popular nursery trends of 2023 is boho chic. This style has remained prominent over the years and involves using plenty of layers, textures, and earthy colors. You can mess around with fun elements such as a tipi tent for playtime or a dream catcher to ensure your baby has a great night’s sleep.  

    What to include: 

    • Layered rugs 
    • Vintage patterns 
    • Teal, beige, red, and orange tones 

    -“The Jungle Book”

    Another fun nursery design idea is to create “The Jungle Book” atmosphere. Here you can use natural wood accents, playful book illustrations, and plenty of plush toys to set the jungle scene. We recommend you pick an accent wall and use wallpaper or paint to create an animalistic mural. 

    What to include: 

    • Wooden furniture 
    • Palm leaf wallpaper 
    • Animal illustrations 

    -Space galaxy 

    Create a nursery that is truly out of this world by opting for a space galaxy theme. You can choose neutral colors or decide to go all out with patterned textiles and quirky illustrations. This decor is both adorable and educational, making it the perfect baby nursery theme for 2023. 

    What to include: 

    • Constellation mobile 
    • Glow in the dark stars 
    • Constellation accent wall 

    -Royal palace 

    For those who simply can’t resist spoiling their little one with a room worthy of royalty, we recommend the royal palace theme. Think of incorporating a rich color palette with burgundy, gold, and deep purple tones. Plus, you can add plenty of luxurious textiles, such as faux fur. Most importantly, have fun with the project. 

    • What to include: 
    • Baby throne 
    • Crown chandelier 
    • Monogrammed blanket 

    Create a thoughtful nursery with Li'l Pengyu

    At Li’l Pengyu, your baby’s wellness is our top priority. We aim to help parents face potential struggles, no matter how hard or easy they may be. When it comes to choosing nursery design ideas, it’s important to keep in mind your personal preferences, as well as the safety and color palette of your design choices. Take a look at our products and learn more about what we can do for your family. 

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