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How to Choose Names for a Newborn


A huge stressor for many parents is choosing the perfect baby name. Don’t stress, though! Here are ideas and inspiration to help you do it.  



    Having a baby is a huge milestone in life, and choosing the “perfect name” is something that excites yet stresses many new parents. 

    Many people use names to honor family members or ancestors and to carry on family traditions. Other people choose names based on their meanings in cultural or religious contexts. The names new parents pick for their children are very meaningful and will tell a story of who they are.  

    With many things to consider, it’s no wonder parents can feel pressured to pick the perfect name. Fortunately, there are many helpful tips to help them find the right name for their newest family member. 

    Let’s explore why your baby’s name is important, some sure-fire tips to help you choose the right name, and a list of male, female, and gender-neutral names to help inspire you.

    The importance of a name

    The name you give your baby is one of the first gifts you bestow on them. It is a symbol of their identity. You might pick the name based on social or familial influences, or it might be passed down through many generations.

    The way we name our children has changed throughout the years. In the past, it may have been more about fitting in, and parents largely chose from a shallow pool of similar names. 

    Modern times are about standing out and doing what’s right for you, however, and parents today have a plethora of names to choose or create their own from. 

    Whether you pick a name from your family’s history, popular culture, or make one up, make sure it resonates with your soul. Just remember that whatever it is, it’s perfect. 

    Tips for choosing the right name for your baby

    The first thing most parents do when figuring out a new baby’s name is to consider a few basic things, such as family traditions and religious considerations.

    They may choose names from various categories like nature and seasons, historical and astrological, mythological, religious, places, celebrities, and pop culture. Some people even select colors, numbers, and symbols for their children’s names. It just depends on what feels right. 

    Here are a few tips that may help in the process:

    -Think about potential nicknames

    Consider all the ways a nickname may emerge from your chosen name. While it’s hard to predict future slang terms, you can ensure it doesn’t rhyme with anything disparaging or can’t be shortened into something offensive.

    -Write out the initials

    Ensure your child’s initials don’t spell out something they will regret carrying around for their entire lives. Think twice before naming your child Aaron Steven Samson or Rachael Agnes Thomas. Not only might they be teased throughout their childhood but a monogram will be out of the question.

    -Measure the uniqueness

    Unique names are cool and fun, except when they are hard to spell, sound too silly, or otherwise make life hard to get through, especially as a kid. A simple solution is pairing a unique name with a more traditional one. 

    -Consider all possible name meanings

    Some states have rules against naming your child something that has historically caused problems in the area. Names can also have different meanings in different locations, including worldwide in other languages. 

    -Don’t be afraid to challenge tradition

    It’s okay to switch up boy’s and girl’s names. Parents have done it for centuries with names like Kelly, Jordan, and Taylor.

    -Think about the middle name

    Parents sometimes use middle names as first names. They are also a fun option for using family and religious traditions. Many parents also give their kids more than one middle name. If you have several aunts or have always loved a few names, choose them all. 

    Naming your baby can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Take this time to enjoy the anticipation of the joyful adventure you’re about to begin, and the name you’re searching for will come to you.

    Beautiful baby names to consider

    The popularity of names changes every few years, and new names emerge yearly. Here are a few that might inspire you.

    Girl’s names


    Mary was the mother of Jesus in the Christian religion. Although it has slackened in popularity in the last few decades, it is still considered one of the most popular American female names ever. 


    Another biblical name, “Abigail” is making a hot comeback, continually hitting  “top 10” lists. 

    Boy’s names


    This traditionally popular male name is typically on “top baby name” lists every year. 


    This name falls comes in and out of fashion but has remained a steadfast favorite over the decades. 

    Gender-neutral names 

    Gender-neutral names are popular for parents that are waiting to find out their baby’s sex until after they are born and for parents that don’t want to evoke a masculine or feminine feel with their baby’s name. Popular androgynous names include: 

    • Noah
    • Harper
    • Avery 
    • Dakota 
    • Halston
    • Arden 
    • Robin 

    Choose one of these lovely names or use them as inspirations to find the right name for your family. 

    The most important thing to remember is that this is a special time and shouldn’t be full of anxiety and frustration. Use these moments before your precious arrival to prepare for the miracle you’re bringing into your life.

    Your baby’s name is your first gift, but what will be the next?

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