Helpful Tips for Traveling With Newborns

Helpful Tips for Traveling With Newborns


Are you planning an upcoming trip with your little one? Learn how to prepare with these tips and tricks.


    If you’ve never traveled with a newborn before, you may not know how challenging it can be for new parents. You have to factor in everything from food to car seats to sleeping to playtime, and you have a more limited set of resources than when you’re at home.

    When your baby is new to travel, they might get upset because of the change in scenery, especially when you’re on an airplane or another loud space. They might start crying, which could interrupt other travelers’ experiences, and that pressure can be really stressful for new parents.

    However, traveling can also be a very rewarding experience for everyone. It’s usually a positive for babies to be exposed to new things and places. You will be able to create meaningful bonds and memories with your child from a young age. 

    You don’t have to put travel plans on the back burner when you have a baby. 

    Plane or car travel with a newborn is much easier when you have a plan. Fully preparing for your trip with the right strategies and products means you and your baby will have a much better experience.

    These four tips and tricks will help when you’re traveling with a newborn for the first time.

    Tips for traveling with a newborn

    Tip number one for traveling with newborns: don’t panic. An upcoming road, train, or plane trip shouldn’t keep you up at night. You want your baby to be happy and safe while you travel, and with the right preparation techniques, you can ensure just that. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

    1. Prioritize your baby’s health and safety

    First, make sure your child can travel safely. Keep in mind any medical reasons they shouldn’t travel. Consider physical factors and choose the best way to travel for you to be able to meet your baby’s needs. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns before traveling with a newborn by car or plane. 

    You can also keep your baby safe with the right baby products. When you’ll be traveling with a newborn in a car, whether on a road trip or when renting a car at your destination, invest in a car seat if you haven’t already that passes all safety requirements and is the right size for your newborn. When traveling with an infant, a great car seat is a must.

    2. Invest in a great playpen

    Playpens aren’t just reserved for your home. Today’s products are extra durable and portable so you can take everything with you on the road. Consider the features that the best travel playpens have, like pop-up abilities and a lightweight structure. 

    When you’re deciding whether to buy a safe place for your baby to play on your trip, consider the differences between a playpen versus a pack and play. A regular playpen is a more stable and non-portable playpen you would use at home, while a pack and play can be packed up and assembled easily, no matter where you are. Some playpens are also portable, like Li’l Pengyu’s playpens. 

    Consider investing in a playpen for the beach or a complete baby playpen activity center, which gives you a safe place for baby to play with their toys and stay active while you’re traveling. Many portable playpens can be used at hotels or rentals and may even fit more than one child at a time. Spend time researching the best playpen for travel before you make a purchase.

    3. Factor in sleeping arrangements

    Your newborn will need somewhere to sleep while traveling. You may want to invest in a small crib or bassinet that you can bring with you and set up wherever you’ll be spending the night. Portable playpens can also be used for sleep, since many of them can be used as a sort of travel crib, and they’re very comfortable for your baby. They may have a built-in crib area or mattress where your baby can play during the day and sleep at night.

    If you’re taking a flight with your newborn, try to book a flight time that’s around when your baby normally sleeps. They’ll be more likely to take a nap and give you some peace in the air. The same strategy applies to road and train trips. 

    4. Focus on comfort with soft products

    It’s not always easy to know which products are going to mean easier travel for you and your baby. But focus on what would make them the most comfortable. What do they like at home? Where and how do they fall asleep the easiest? Think of things you can bring with you, like favorite toys or blankets, that will make your baby feel more comfortable away from home.

    You may want to try a soft carrier, sling, or harness for trips so your baby will be secure on your body and you can have your hands free. It’s important that you’re comfortable while traveling, too, so balance the needs of your baby with your own for successful travel.

    How Li’l Pengyu’s play and sleep products can help

    Traveling with newborns doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need the right products that will help your baby stay safe, comfortable, and happy.

    At Li’l Pengyu, we help new parents with our exceptional bassinets and playpens. Our products are CPSC and ASTM-certified with comfortable mesh material, protective corner cloth, and zippers on the outside so you don’t have to worry about risks like suffocation or injury when they’re sleeping or playing. Check out our playpen for babies that is perfect for traveling with its portable carry bag, easy setup, waterproof material, and durability. 

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    Ximena Sánchez

    Ximena Sánchez


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