9 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

9 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas


Are you looking for the perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas? This guide will help you get some great ideas!



    One of the most exciting moments with a newborn is their first holiday season. A baby’s first Christmas is such a special time for everyone, and parents want to remember it forever! That’s why the right gift for a young one can make all the difference.

    But where do you start? Here is your guide to the best Christmas gifts for baby’s first holiday.

    How to choose the best gift for baby’s first Christmas

    Tons of brands out there market the best gifts for a baby’s first Christmas. That’s because it’s such a special season for new parents and their young children. These memories are kept forever, and you want your gift to reflect just how important the moment is.

    Here are a few things to consider when you’re buying your present:

    • Safety: You never want to buy a toy or a gift for a baby that they could hurt themselves with. Make sure you buy something safe and big enough that they can’t choke on it. Babies, like puppies, love putting everything in their mouths!
    • Color: Babies are often attracted to colorful products. You may also have a color scheme going in your baby’s room that you want to match, like pastel colors.
    • Uniqueness: The holidays bring opportunities for making life-long memories. Think of unique gifts that no one else will buy. 
    • Age: Depending on the time of year the baby was born, they could be almost one year old already. Or they could be just a month. Research what babies at their age like to play with.

    Finding presents for baby’s first Christmas isn’t hard, but it’s not always easy to find the perfect product that will make the holiday special. Next, we’ll cover some of the best gift ideas to help you figure out what to buy.

    9 gift ideas for a baby’s first Christmas

    What makes the perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas? You want to give something that will be memorable and meaningful for the rest of your baby’s life. These ideas will help you get your wheels turning when looking for presents: 

    Didactic toys

    Developmental or didactic toys help young children develop cognitive and motor skills. They stimulate learning and can be wooden toys with wheels, puzzles, blocks, construction toys, pegboards, and more. Help your baby start developing important abilities early with these educational and stimulating toys.

    Comfy clothes

    Nothing is cozier during the holidays than comfortable pajamas and loungewear. You have no shortage of options for exceptionally cute and comfy clothing for your baby’s first Christmas, and many at great prices so you don’t have to feel guilty when they grow out of it. Get matching pajama sets for the whole family or local handmade attire for your newborn.

    Baby blanket

    Many people love passing down baby blankets or making brand-new ones for each new child. If crafting isn’t your forte, consider investing in a snug blanket that will keep your little one warm during the winter months. They may want to keep their special baby blanket for many years to come.

    Christmas ornaments

    Another memorable gift for a young baby is a Christmas ornament for the tree. Put their year of birth on the ornament or insert their picture into something festive, and it can be part of your holiday tree forever. Other ornaments like snow globes, stars, wooden horses, bears, snowmen, or reindeer can be really cute for a baby’s first Christmas, too.


    Books for babies help them stimulate their minds and build recognition skills with imagery and color. Look into buying learning books, soft books, or Christmas books that your child can keep and use for several years. Invest in classics like Goodnight Moon. Black-and-white art books are great for young babies, too, because they can more easily recognize contrasting images.

    Stuffed animals

    Children often choose a favorite stuffed animal from a young age that they can’t live without for years. Consider what your baby already responds to and invest in a cute stuffed animal they can play with and hold by their side at Christmas. Bears are one of the most popular stuffed animals for young babies, and you can find many holiday-themed stuffed bears that will excite your little one.

    Homemade items

    Sometimes a simple craft project can result in the perfect gift for a baby. Young babies probably can’t help out much with crafts, but you could try bringing them in to help with creating something out of felt or another soft material. Think of a project you could do together to make a meaningful gift, like a simple snowman or foam tree, even if it’s not perfect! 

    Activity centers

    When babies are approaching one year, they have lots of energy to expend. Consider investing in a jumper or hop play center where kids can bounce around, dance, and play. These are safe and secure gifts that you can place your baby in when you need your hands free or they want to jump around to music. Many activity centers have engaging and eye-catching toys attached to them and music integrations to keep your baby stimulated. 

    Sleeping products

    Is it time to upgrade your baby’s sleeping situation? A great gift for baby’s first Christmas is a new bassinet or crib that better suits them as they grow. A bassinet can be a great option if you want them to sleep in your room with you or are looking for a more portable sleeper. Just make sure the item you choose has all the safety and comfort features, like this bassinet from Li’l Pengyu.

    Why shop Li’l Pengyu?

    Buying the presents for baby’s first Christmas is fun and exciting, but you may be overwhelmed with options. Think about what your baby needs and what they like so far in life to find the right gifts they’ll keep for years to come. 

    At Li’l Pengyu, we offer safe and high-quality bassinets and playpens, which may be perfect options for your young baby this holiday season. Our products are safe, durable, and convenient and can help both you and your baby during sleep and playtime.  

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