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10 Things to Expect During Pregnancy


Are you pregnant? Get to know these 10 changes you’ll probably experience while you’re pregnant.



    Pregnancy brings all kinds of changes to your mind and body. It’s an exciting time but you also go through a lot of brand-new changes after making your pregnancy announcement.

    For example, you might experience pain and swelling in new places, gain a lot of weight, and experience mood swings from hormones that are wreaking havoc. If you’re a new mother, you may not know exactly how your body will respond to being pregnant. What can you expect?

    Changes are different for everyone, but many pregnant women have similar pregnancy symptoms. This guide walks through 10 changes to watch for while you’re pregnant.

    1. Hormonal changes

    Pregnancy hormones are notorious for causing all kinds of ups and downs for mothers. Hormonal changes can lead to everything from pregnancy gingivitis to strange food cravings to fatigue. You may feel more tired regularly while you’re pregnant, so get plenty of rest and don’t overdo it. 

    Hormones can also cause headaches, and being stressed out can make them worse. You might also feel really hot at random times, kind of like you’re having hot flashes, because of your pregnancy hormones. Create plenty of time to relax and drink a lot of water.

    2. Weight gain

    The most outwardly obvious change that happens to bodies during pregnancy is bigger, growing stomachs. You may also gain weight that goes along with it, leading to pregnancy stretch marks. 

    Remember that gaining weight is normal. Most women at a normal weight gain around 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, according to the CDC, but it will depend on your lifestyle, body type, if you’re having twins, and other factors. Try to stay as healthy as possible with your diet and exercise routine.

    3. Digestive system shifts

    Some of your organs may shift around when you’re pregnant to accommodate your little one. Your digestive system might get out of whack, so you could experience some constipation. Drink lots of water and eat fiber-rich foods. Stay as active as you can. 

    You may also have to urinate more frequently. This is common and is caused by hormonal changes and increased blood flow.

    4. Swollen feet

    Another of the most common pregnancy symptoms is swollen feet. Your body has to deal with more water retention while you’re pregnant, and it’s harder for your feet to get the circulation they need. All that additional water you’re holding ends up down in the lower parts of your body, like your legs, ankles, and feet.

    Try putting your feet up regularly and wearing loose-fitting clothing. Don’t stand a lot when you can help it. And, avoid getting too hot.

    5. Physical pain

    You may also experience new kinds of pain, like pelvic discomfort and breast tenderness. Many pregnant women have back pain, since carrying a little one puts a lot of pressure on your body. You may also have cramps in your legs and knees because of restricted circulation. Your body probably isn’t used to carrying around the extra weight that comes with a baby, so you may feel all kinds of new unpleasant sensations. 

    To reduce and avoid pain, do stretches regularly and avoid sitting or standing for long periods. Yoga for pregnant women can help promote blood flow and loosen up the body.

    6. Nausea 

    Morning sickness is one of the most frequently cited signs of early pregnancy. You may notice a lot of nausea early on, and it could extend through your pregnancy weeks to months. It’s hard to avoid feelings of nausea while you’re pregnant, even if you feel like you’re doing everything right and staying healthy.

    Whenever you feel nauseous, try to eat toast or crackers. Be patient and know that it will soon pass. Taking prenatal vitamins for pregnancy nausea may also help you avoid an upset stomach.

    7. Food preferences

    Because of pregnancy hormones and the nausea you may feel, the foods you find appealing will probably change. Something you used to love may make you sick. A food you thought you despised may be all you can think about. Strange cravings are totally normal. 

    Make sure you talk to your doctor about foods and medications you should avoid. You may be able to take an antacid if you eat too much or are feeling sick to your stomach.

    8. Emotional changes

    Unfortunately, changes aren’t reserved for the physical. You’ll also be experiencing some emotional shifts because of pregnancy hormones. You may notice an increase in anxiety or depression, or you may just have some serious mood swings.

    These ups and downs can be alarming to many women. First, accept your feelings and remember that emotional changes are normal during pregnancy. If you have trouble managing your mental health, talk to a doctor or counselor who can help. It may also be helpful to talk to other pregnant women or women who have been pregnant before. Avoid being isolated.

    9. Doctor visits and ultrasounds

    You can expect your doctor appointments to change as you move through your pregnancy. In your first trimester, you’ll have an initial visit with your doctor and can ask them any questions you have about what to do or avoid in pregnancy. Your first ultrasound will look a lot different than your six-week or eight-week ultrasound in pregnancy. 

    During your second trimester, you may be able to learn your baby’s gender, and your doctor or pregnancy center may suggest testing for common risk factors. In the last trimester, you should have a birth plan in place with your doctor.

    10. Nesting tendencies

    Nesting becomes a big reality for pregnant moms, especially during the last trimester. Even though your baby hasn’t yet been born, you might feel the pull to go on a shopping spree for him or her. You start to prepare for the birth by making changes around your home, and you want to get the baby room and baby products in order in case it happens any day.

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